Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're getting colder

SMW recently wrote a list of charitable organizations that are accepting a variety of donations in the coming months.  The St. Mungo Woolly Hat project seemed most appealing to me.  Here is my orange hat:

This is made with Jojoland “Tonic” in color #AW128, known to me as Nuclear Orange.  It’s 85% acrylic, 15% wool and has a decidedly synthetic feel to it.  Although it’s en route to serve its purpose for Woolly Hat Day, I am in no hurry to use what remains of this skein. 

Making the hat sent me in the completely opposite direction, back to a sweater I started a year (2 years?) ago.  It’s made with very rustic natural-color wool from Beaver Brook Farm.  I can’t take this project anywhere because it has an intense oily smell that I huff joyously every time I pick it up.  I made the sleeves long ago; now I’m on the second attempt at the body.  It’s plain stockinette until I reach the neck—excellent stinky, mindless knitting.