Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome Winter

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2012?  I'm feeling ready.

I finished knitting a few presents in plenty of time for the holiday, so I decided to begin next year's projects, while the holiday mood remains and there is still grading to avoid.  I found a pattern for felted Christmas Trees at the Purl Bee and am putting the finishing touches on the first one.

I'm needle felting the snow, using alpaca fiber from Aja that got a bit felted in the cleaning process.  

Another project is to make accessories with this beautiful cashmere blend yarn:

At one point this yarn had been transformed into this sweater,

but I really hated it, so it got ripped and now, a year later, it's being re-purposed.  The cowl is another pattern from The Purl Bee, and the hats are my own design.  I have enough yarn for about 15 projects like these.