Thursday, June 27, 2013

June UFO Progress Report

Dear Oogy,
I know that I'm always expressing awe at how quickly time goes by, but really, what happened to June?
Of the four projects I identified as UFOs on June 1, two are slated for completion.  The lace shawl was repurposed and is close to being a completed Clapo-Ktus.  I had my doubts about the project until I reached the half-way mark, when it was then appropriate to let the purl stitches drop.  The opened-up pattern is just what this hand-painted yarn needed!

The fair isle vest is VERY close to being done.  Yesterday I cut the neck steek:
Before cutting...

The edges are secured.

The neck is free!

I wish I could say that all of my projects work out this well.  I'm too lazy right now to take anymore photos, but I can report that the neck edge is done, and I will cut the arm steeks in the next day or so.  More soon!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The New Area 51

Dear Oogy,
A confluence of UFOs have appeared in the fiber room.  Your suggestion for June was for us to "complete 4 UFOs".   Here are my 4:

The first is a lace scarf that I started a few years ago.  It is designed to form stripes from hand-dyed hanks, but as you can see, that effect has eluded me.  This is like my 4th attempt, which is why it has been languishing.  I do like the colors, so I need to decide if I will continue with the pattern, or start over.

The next UFO is a fair isle vest, inspired by your awesome xmas gifts of Palette yarn and Mucklestone's Fair Isle pattern book.  I won't have trouble finishing this, as it is nearly done, and I've been eager to get back to it.

A steek!

My 3rd UFO is a top-down cardigan made with shetland wool.  I may need to make some adjustments in the rate of increases, plus I'm not thrilled with how I did the increases.  I was making it up as I knit it, which sometimes works, but seems to not be working here.  I will complete this project, but I may need to pull it out a few inches.

Lastly, we have Virgin.  Remember that project?  The one we started as a KAL?  As you can see, I have completed a portion of one sleeve, and I began the body.  I have not even reached the complex asymmetrical pattern that will require sustained attention for approx. 200 rows of 252 stitches each.  What were we thinking?  How far did you get?  I'm leaning toward jettisoning this UFO, but I can be persuaded to change my mind if you've got yours half done already.  Or even started?  I seem to remember you were waiting for yarn that was backordered...
I can't wait to see your UFOs!