Sunday, November 20, 2011

The perennial knitter's problem

I told Oogy I wanted to see something new on her blog, to which she replied she had nothing but unfinished objects [see her pile here].  Me, too, Oogy!
We are very good at starting something, but not as good at finishing.  I don't mean the Deborah Newton you-should-know-better-how-to-finish-your-knitting sense, but more the finish-SOMETHING-before-you-start-the-next-project sense.  I wish I could say this is my UFO pile in its entirety...
The green lace project has been targeted to be finished before the year of lace knitting is over.  Just 5 more repeats of the center panel (50 more rows), then the 12-row border to be repeated 86 times (1032 rows of 7-12 stitches each).  This is the deception of lace knitting: you're almost done, except for the border.

The purple and bright green items are for the community knitting project I'm doing with a group of students and the Camel Knitters.  We are making hats and mitts for kids at a shelter in our city.  We plan to visit the shelter's after-school program and do a knitting lesson soon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Inspiration

We are headed into the end of a year of lace, Oogy and I, so my eye is wandering to other possibilities.  I was inspired recently by a friend's sweater in progress, which you can see here (see the 6th picture).  My version will have a different design and will use the yarn pictured here.