Sunday, April 7, 2013

April is for Weaving

Oogy and I are continuing the Thing a Month plan, and this month our goal is to expand our weaving skills beyond the basic plain weave.  We are novice weavers.  I had to look up what basic, no-frills weaving was called--imagine it being called "plain weave"!  There are many new vocab words to learn.

We are armed with Jane Patrick's The Weaver's Idea Book, which is all about ways to use the rigid heddle loom to make a whole range of woven fabrics.  It's a great book.  Right now I'm making some place mats with a hemstitched border.  I'm making 4 mats on the same warp, leaving about 6 inches of unwoven warp between them.

The warp is 3 colors of long-neglected stash yarn in cotton or cotton blend (no idea what the black yarn is or where it came from, but it feels like cotton).  The weft is cotton that I used for many attempts at a summer sweater.  It seems to have found its true destiny here.