Sunday, November 20, 2011

The perennial knitter's problem

I told Oogy I wanted to see something new on her blog, to which she replied she had nothing but unfinished objects [see her pile here].  Me, too, Oogy!
We are very good at starting something, but not as good at finishing.  I don't mean the Deborah Newton you-should-know-better-how-to-finish-your-knitting sense, but more the finish-SOMETHING-before-you-start-the-next-project sense.  I wish I could say this is my UFO pile in its entirety...
The green lace project has been targeted to be finished before the year of lace knitting is over.  Just 5 more repeats of the center panel (50 more rows), then the 12-row border to be repeated 86 times (1032 rows of 7-12 stitches each).  This is the deception of lace knitting: you're almost done, except for the border.

The purple and bright green items are for the community knitting project I'm doing with a group of students and the Camel Knitters.  We are making hats and mitts for kids at a shelter in our city.  We plan to visit the shelter's after-school program and do a knitting lesson soon.


Oogyknitter said...

We are definitely in the lace home stretch, Neuro! Your hats and mitts are going to be very cute!

smw said...

Looked at another way, UFOs are a means of prolonging the pleasure.