Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hand-dyed Reveals its Purpose

One of the biggest challenges I face in knitting is using hand-dyed or variegated yarn in a way that allows its beauty to show. So often it looks very appealing as a skein, but then the knitted fabric is rather ugly.
I believe I have discovered a few ways to use some hand-dyed lace-weight yarn that J and I made a few years ago. In the latest project I'm using the pattern from Scarf Style called Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole, but in size 3 needles and the lace weight yarn. So, this rendition will be more scarf than stole, especially after I do a little felting...
Speaking of Scarf Style, the Camel Knitters are making "Color on Color" from that book as a group project. Our plan is to each contribute yarn and time to the project, and then raffle or auction it off for charity. It's been fun to plan and pass around.
I'm preparing a post on how the brain is involved in learning to knit. Stay tuned!


Oogyknitter said...

This looks great!!! I may have to borrow this idea some time. Do you flip the whole thing around for each row, or have you figured out how to knit backwards??

neuroknitter said...

Hey oogy! I can knit backwards, but it's not as easy for me and I don't mind the flipping.