Friday, July 20, 2007

Community knitting

Hi Brainknit fans (all 4 of you)!
I have heard your concerns and will be posting a series of SHORT entries for the next few days, mostly without reference to neuroscience.
Here is the Color on Color scarf, from Scarf Style, that members of the Camel Knitters Guild are making. It is near completion and will be raffled off early this Fall. We have each contributed scrap yarn and time and we hope someone will enjoy wearing it soon.

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cathairinmyknitting said...

I got here by looking for "undyed kidsilk" and have been trawling your archives. Sorry to hear you were decreasing the amount of neuro talk in your postings, I was quite enjoying what you had written so far (but then I'm a toxicologist, so I'm a geek anyway :) ).