Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Update

Dear Oogy,
Would you believe that I am still watching my Craftsy class?  I have a block of free time on the horizon, so maybe I'll get it finished before August ends.  It's been very interesting so far, and I'm dreaming up all kinds of ways to use short rows.
Meanwhile, I have been knitting.
The prototype, knit in the round
I'm working out the details of a mitt pattern, which I plan to provide to the Camel Knitters so that we can make and sell them at our annual fundraiser.  I have often thought it would be fun to write a pattern, especially when a knit-as-you-go project turns out great.  It's not fun, I'm sorry to say, but I will be proud of the final product.  I hope my fellow Camels don't swear too much when they try to follow what I've written.  The mitts pictured above are knit in the round.  I have a separate set of instructions written for straight knitting.
Eeww, mitt guts.

My Triboro Tam is done.  It is reversible, and I find myself partial to the wrong side.

The wrong side

The right side
I have not forgotten about the reverse engineering project--I have made plans to acquire the necessary yarn in the very near future.
I hope your August has been relaxing and fun!

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Oogyknitter said...

Excellent mitts and tam, Neuro! And I LOL-ed at your comment about mitten guts. I'm still watching my Craftsy course, too!