Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Bear Update

Dear Oogy,
An unprecedented achievement: I have completed a Thing-a-Month project before the end of the month!
Here is Peabey I, sporting his breast cancer awareness scarf in anticipation of October.

I plan to give him to a friend who is grappling with breast cancer treatments, for her birthday this week.
I managed to get through the 8 pages of instruction for Peabey with just one major gaffe, which I was able to graft together after the fact, and a few misreads that required tearing out several rows on a few occasions.  I am in awe of Snowden Becker's ability to work out the detailed shaping of the bear.  You can see this and other designs here.  Cool that she's a professor!
Peabey I is ready for winter.
I am about half-way done with the latest tammy.
I'm using up tiny scraps of Sheltand Wool that I've been accumulating over the past 23 years.  This one even has a bit of Campion from the days of my first Fair Isle sweater.

I'm looking forward to our luxury fiber project in October.  I'm deciding between qiviut and bison, but I have no idea what I'm going to make.  What's your plan?

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smw said...

Wow! Peabey is AMAZING!!! Please bring him to visit Leo and William soon!