Friday, May 13, 2011

flat sheep

Funny story: I started the sheep scarf and noticed that in the instructions it states that a blank box is "knit every stitch", which I interpreted as "knit every right side stitch, purl every wrong side stitch". I paused ever so slightly when both edge stitches were supposed to be "slip one purl-wise", which I thought was odd because on one side that made a big mess. So, I proceeded to knit (and purl) through the sheep pattern, and I liked what I saw. Then I saw oogyknitter's version (see her blog) and realized that I was doing it wrong. Well, actually, I initially assumed oogy was doing it wrong, but then I looked at the instructions again.
Anyway, I am quite happy with my version and plan to continue to do it wrong!


Oogyknitter said...

I can see your sheep so much better this way! I hope you keep going, it's very nice and super cute so far!

Kathy said...

When you say you continued to knit and purl, does this mean that you changed the edge from "slip 1 purl-wise" to a knit on the right side?

neuroknitter said...

Hi Kathy--on the knit side I slipped one as if to knit, and on the purl side, I slipped one as if to purl.

See a version that was worked as the pattern was written: