Saturday, February 16, 2013

Progress in the toe-up department

Dear Oogy,
I am happy to report that my toe-up training is going well.  I completed a trial toe and made a heel going the wrong toe-first direction.  With great confidence I have decided to go for a real sock, using the Happy Choices yarn you sent last month.
I am also using the magic loop method, in a show of solidarity with your own efforts.  I have not ever knit directly from a sock blank, so that is also a new experience.  
The practice sock is on the left.  
Just think of all the new synaptic connections we are making this month!


Oogyknitter said...

An excellent February Combo, Neuro!! Great job with the toes - you've definitely got Toe Up mastered!!

smw said...

Let's hear it for boosting our synaptic connections, Neuro!