Saturday, May 4, 2013

April's Extension

Dear Oogy,
It is becoming increasingly clear to me that April should have at least 45 days, not the usual 30.  April is the busiest month in our academic year, with year-long projects coming to fruition and students in a frenzy to both finish their degrees and get jobs.  Someone at work last week was joking that April seems to have been extended this year, and they didn't even know about how our Thing a Month plan is evolving into a Thing a Month and a Half.  While I am excited to tackle May's backward knitting in entrelac, it might be another few weeks before I have the energy to do it!

I guess another way to view our scheme is to say that we will BEGIN a new thing each month, with the idea that if it's fun, we'll keep doing it all year.  This is the approach I am taking to textured weaving.  I finished the place mats:
I liked the hemstitching so much that I used it again in a scarf.  When I used it in the place mats I did not understand how the hemstitching would secure the border--I now know that it can take the place of tying off the ends, but it is necessary to leave enough fringe so that the whole thing doesn't unravel.  Another texture element in the scarf is the intermittent placement of unwoven warp.  I thought there was some chance that the weaving was tight enough that the warp threads would remain open, but as soon as it came off the loom the weft crept in.
So, I did a little after-loom hemstitching, and now it looks great!
I suppose now I should expand my repertoire beyond the hemstitch...

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Oogyknitter said...

Awesome scarf and placements, and amazing new textured weaving technique!! I think you can call your April DONE and QUITE A SUCCESS!!