Monday, May 27, 2013

It's still May

Dear Oogy,
I'm finding May to be a much better month than the extended April that finally made an exit.  I finished a scarf:
I'm calling it Organic Sugar Scarf.  The weft is organic cotton and the blue in the warp is yarn made with sugar cane.  I used hemstitching to secure the open warp areas.  I like hemstitching very much.
I also, with the help of Mr. Neuro, set up some shelves so that Brownie could observe his territory from on top of the book shelf in my home office/fiber room.

Unfortunately, he has also taken this gesture as an invitation to fling yarn from the cubbies below.
And I have also made progress on the project for May: knitting backwards!
The stitch marker that you can see just before the twist is where I began knitting backwards.  It is not difficult and is great for doing entrelac.  I'm working on a post that has a heavy dose of neuroscience, with a focus on how our plan to do something new each month this year is giving our prefrontal cortices a work-out.  Go PFC!
PS.  How are we going to choose which UFO to tackle for June?  I have SO MANY.

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Oogyknitter said...

Cool stuff, terrific knitting, and great question! I've been pondering the same - at least the selection process is amusing by itself, so far!