Sunday, February 2, 2014


Dear Oogy,
Even though it hasn't been the longest interval between posts, it feels as though it has been forever.  As you might expect, the lack of blog posting is not an indicator of a lack of knitting.

I finished a little project with the hand-spun fiber from the last post.
There is a bit of the yarn remaining, which is here next to the computer where I can gaze at it and occasionally give it a huff.  It smells so good, like it just came off the sheep.  The hat has come in handy in the arctic winter weather we've had so much of.  Now I am spinning a large collection of shetland wool that I have accumulated over many years.

Work has been so busy that I have not had the energy to design anything new, but I have become obsessed with Carol Sunday's pattern Milano.  The yarn in the kit she offers looks wonderful, but with the extensive collection of Knit Picks Palette in my possession, I thought it best to use some of it for this sweater.
As Kate Davies pointed out in her blog post about making this sweater, it is miles and miles of plain stockinette in the round (more miles in my case than hers!).  Perfect mindless knitting, to do while watching TV, riding in the train, plane or automobile, and while mostly asleep before the coffee does its job in the morning.  The color changes happen at perfect intervals--just when it gets a bit too boring, it is time to switch.  The color sequence is arranged by color undertones, alternating cool and warm with the same sequence, which allows all of the colors to make both narrow and wide stripes.   Her kit has 11 colors and my rendition has 13.

Stay warm!
Brownie demonstrating how to spend a weekend afternoon.



smw said...

The developing sweater looks great! Bring it to the next Cabal meeting for a show-and-tell, please!

Oogyknitter said...

An excellent way to spend these cold days and long nights! Great color combos too!