Wednesday, February 5, 2014


And the best kind, one that was called the day before based on a dire forecast of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain.  Good decision: it was quite an adventure getting the paper and feeding and watering the birds, with little daggers of ice falling out of the sky. We are having what the paper this morning calls an "old-fashioned winter", with one snow/sleet event after another.
The dogwood nicely coated with wet snow before today's storm gave it a second coat.
It's true that a snow day comes with some inconvenience, with snow removal activities pending, the possibility of being without power, and the fact that it isn't safe to leave the house.  Oh, and the fact that whatever was supposed to happen in school today (opioid pharmacodynamics) still has to happen some other time. However, every kid knows that it is all balanced out by the gift of a free day.

My plan:
Coffee and research articles
Mindless knitting to do while reading for class
The mindless knitting
In case you were wondering, I have calculated, with the aid of unit converters on dem internets, that I have so far completed 6431.1428 inches/178.64 yards/ 0.1015 miles of knitting on this project.

Stay warm!


smw said...

Neuro, you CAN KNIT and READ at the same Time?

Oogyknitter said...

Way to go, Neuro!! Hope you stay warm and caffeine-infused!

casapinka said...

I really like the sweater a lot! That green really elevates it to great heights...and I still can't believe that you can read and knit.