Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fair Isle Won

Dear Oogy,
Well, July is speeding by rather quickly, and I have made very little progress on my reverse engineering project.  I was easily distracted by other potential projects.  As I mentioned in the last brain update post, I was being pulled in the lace and fair isle direction.  As the pictures below attest, fair isle won that battle.
I had fun pulling out the shetland wool stash and some reference materials.  I chose three motifs to work with and unbelievably, they are all repeats that fit perfectly into 336 stitches!
From top to bottom, a 9 row-7 stitch border pattern, a 5 row-6 stitch peerie, and a 17 row-42 stitch XO pattern.
The swatch above is pictured before I washed it.  One of my favorite things about fair isle knitting, and using shetland wool, is that it changes dramatically after it's washed.

The washed swatch and the beginning of the sweater.
I made some minor changes to the border pattern so that the middle portion of the diamonds could be seen.  Brownie is taking his job of holding the pattern and calculator very seriously.

Now that I have this started, I plan to return to July's project, I promise.  How are you making out with that blue-grey lace-weight wool?


Oogyknitter said...

I think sometimes it's more fun to work on something "forbidden", don't you agree?

neuroknitter said...

Yes, I agree. It might also be like when I mop the floor instead of grade papers. It's all relative!