Sunday, July 28, 2013

Modified Plan

Dear Oogy,
As we approach the end of July, I feel the need to give you an update on my project for this month. It has taken an entire month's worth of swatches and contemplation for me to reach the conclusion that my original plan for reverse engineering is not sustainable.  Beginning with this photo:
From the Territory Ahead Fall 2012 catalog
I planned to use this yarn:
and these patterns.
You can see that the blue, green, and brown yarns do not match the picture, and the essence of the sweater was getting lost.  The sweater is cool because it's a bit understated, and my rendition of it was becoming rather overstated.  So, my new plan is to use the dark brown yarn as a contrast color and to PURCHASE a lighter color in the same yarn (Berroco's Ultra Alpaca) for the main color.  I was happy with the woven herringbone pattern and I really like the cable pattern, shown above in the green swatch on the left.  Those, and some stockinette and reverse stockinette with limited contrast color should capture the original intent.

Have you settled on plans for your reverse engineering project?

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Oogyknitter said...

You definitely did a much better job with planning and prototyping for our July theme! Now you've got a fine plan for how to approach making that sweater! Perhaps we should consider some sort of sweater-related theme for 2014? (sleeves in January, etc.?)