Monday, July 1, 2013


Dear Oogy,
I've done all I can for our June project.
The fair isle vest is done.

I did try it on and it fits great.
I feel obligated to include a disclaimer: this is not strictly an authentic fair isle project.  First, it was not made with shetland wool, but instead with Knit Picks Palette, which is absolutely lovely with a color range that is hard to match.  I have a large portion of that color range in my stash, and one of the best aspects of this project was deciding which one to use next.  Second, I made no effort to align the patterns.  They are quite random in their horizontal placement.  I did, however, preserve a few features of a traditional fair isle project.  I used steeks, and I limited each row to 2 colors.  There are also 2 design features that I followed throughout the project.  One is that as I approached the top I chose patterns that were progressively shorter.  The other is that between each pattern is the same 2x2 design, with the same foreground color each time.  Now that this vest is done, I am quite eager to do another fair isle project.
The other FO is Clapo-Ktus.  This picture is just before it went in the sink.  It is now laid out on a table downstairs, beaconing Brownie to lay on top of it.

I liked making this shawl and I will use the pattern again.  One challenge that was especially an issue at the end was the effort required to drop the purl stitches to reveal the ladder rungs.  This is merino wool lace weight and has a bit of grab to it.  Brownie, as always, was a big help.
I'm excited to begin the July project!


Oogyknitter said...

Your vest and scarf are beautiful!! Excellent UFO-ing, Neuro!

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